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Panacea - the elimination of the original cause of disease of people.

Panacea - the elimination of the original cause of disease of people.

"No matter what life would teach us, and the heart trusts in miracles!" F.I.Tyutchev

The Newest about guaranteed Public Health! Read through! You will know, that people of the Earth live only 1/10 of the life allocated to them. You will learn to distinguish the sick from the unhealthy, medicine from public health services. You will know that "to treat" people is, in general, nonsense. People should not ever be sick with anything if from birth you remove the nerve center in the sciatic nerve.

This nerve center is the principal cause of change in the condition of the backbone, internal organs and the whole body. It is the principal cause of osteochondrosis, scoliosis, kyphos, lordosis which are, in turn, the main reasons of all the subsequent diseases of people. You will know that to be treated is necessary, but it always already too late. Under this theory, disease should not arise, and if does, it should disappear.

The first establishment of the Reason of all diseases of people. The technique of the goddess of Panacea is found out by its elimination. It is necessary that once in a lifetime the fingers of the hands of the Devoted straighten the bent nervous fibres. One touch from the Devoted in less than an hour is enough to change the destiny of people, to take away the program "to hurt."

It is possible to live about 900 years. Now people, usually, somehow hold out till 30 or 50 years, then start to hurt and "are treated." They are treated to the end of their short life. Nobody will never be cured! Treatment usually ends with removal of organs or a delivery of the order for the right to bury the body. The body quickly grows old. After panacea the body does not get sick and does not grow old. Aging is slowed down.

It is impossible to be engaged in heavy kinds of professional sports without having removed this reason. There will be a heap of diseases, and the sportsmen will die early. Physical activities burn the levels of durability of internal organs.  Only healthy individuals are necessary to trainers.  Excuse me for the severe truth.  I’ve tested this on myself.

Be very attentive, read slowly and not less than three times. The given information is from the future. Far from everyone can comprehend and apprehend it. It is also not necessary for them. They are doomed: to hurt, be angry and radiate, moreover, energy of negative emotions, that is a sin. To each their own! 

Do you think it is a fantasy? Yes, it sounds improbable! But! It is the information of extraterrestrial Reason, the information of Heavens, and it is True! I am only a non standard thinking earth man who has accepted it and I should change this World.  I shall change it! I shall change the theory and practice of medicine. All path breakers have changed the World for the better. In the beginning everyone thinks that the stated idea is nonsense and then, only later, will everyone understand, how can it be different?

The "all-knowing" skeptics don’t hasten to express themselves! It is not for you to judge! The Earth also at one time, "did not spin."  It is a shame for mankind to recollect the burnt Prophet Giordano Bruno. His skeptics burnt him, just like now, those that recognize only Aesculapius and hygiene, but deny Panacea. (see the ancient greek legend).

For the first time for 4262 years, the value of the concept of "panacea" is correctly certain. For the first time the valid original cause of all diseases of people is established and the ancient technique of a one time touch of the goddess of Panacea on its elimination is opened. Ignorance and non-use of this technique in the life of people has led to the fact that absolutely everyone living on the Earth, either are not healthy, or are sick. Monopoly of official medicine of Public Health services - It’s a bluff!

No doctor in the World knows the reason of scoliosis, kyphos, osteochondrosis or any disease, except for venereal. Ministries of Health do not provide health and do not guarantee it. The theory of the reason of all diseases, stated in medical sources in section "etiology", is incorrect. In it are factors to which the sick body can react are specified. Healthy bodies do not react to them ever!

It is considered, that the goddess Panacea was "The Cure All" or, that this is a medicine for all illnesses. Such nonsense is written down in all explanatory dictionaries of the World and all of them repeat it. Actually she was not a doctor, not a healer and never treated anybody and did not cure anyone. She was a midwife and eliminated the original cause of all diseases of people during the moment of birth. Then the disease in the child did not arise into people, to be exact - Atlantians and the gods, they lived hundreds of years.

Now is the chance for the Elites to repeat these conditions. The main thing is not to be late! Remove this capsule! It concerns absolutely everyone. It is absolutely in everyone and operates in a body as a spoon of tar in a jar of honey.

To not be sick it is necessary to introduce urgently during life a new practice about the necessity to buy health from the moment of a birth. In one session the reason of osteochondrosis, scoliosis, kyphos, cavities of teeth, alcoholism, tonsilitis and so forth will be removed. 

The structure described of the person in medical textbooks and anatomic atlases is incomplete. It is established, that in the body of the person, initially, at creation, at a genetic level, there is an incorporated program "To hurt.” It is a capsule from  a braided ball of nervous fibers in the sciatic nerve, more often on the hip at the left and is a black energy ball. Because of this "program”, people of our Earth live only 1/10 part of life.

On 12.07.2004, in anatomic research in a mortuary it was for the first time found, described and given the name - "The Capsule of lawyer Rukasa.” Only from this capsule, still in the womb, until the birth of the child, the osteochondrosis starts to be formed. The osteochondrosis forms due to the stopped flow of spinal fluid at the bound nerve fibers.  The liquid that has not flowed to the end accumulates in the spinal cord. There the pressure rises due to its constant synthesis.

"Excessive” spinal liquid that has not flowed to the end has to disappear somewhere. The liquid then flows through special canals on the sides of the spine. The liquid that has flowed out then gets through the muscle and skin to the outside and evaporates into space.  The liquid evaporates and dry fractions remain. They remain on the sides of the spine and in the disks. Therefore, more often in women, there grows a hump on the back of the neck. The substance of the hump is the same, as in camel humps.

Dry fractions of organic and mineral substances of spinal liquid are contained there. Part of this liquid gets in the intervertebral disks during the moments of pressure. Why should disks like shock-absorbers turn into dry crust. It occurs because during the moment of picking up some weight, there is a pressure upon intervertebral disks.  These disks consist of special cells - glikozaminglincose, which during the moment of pressure upon them, instantly absorb into itself the spinal liquid and due to that are able to maintain the most powerful pressure of the spine. After releasing weight, the disks are released from pressure and the spinal liquid should return to a spinal cord instantly. But to a full extent, this does not occur. All liquid from disks does not go back into spinal cord because there is raised pressure. In the disks this liquid should also not be, therefore it evaporates and disappears, and dry fractions remain in the disks. Only therefore, disks in the course of time turn in dry crusts which lose the function of shock-absorbers, are crushed, and stick out. Because of this arises radiculitis with disk hernias. Due to this intervertebral distances decrease and there is a suppression of the somatic nervous system. This leads to the nervous fibers leaving the spinal cord being squeezed, and their function on the delivery of the information for functioning organs and delivery of the necessary volume of nourishment is broken. This leads to a partial shipment of nutritious liquids to organs and parts of the body. Because of this there are infectious diseases of internal organs and parts of a body.

Due to this capsule, children during growth, due to scoliosis and a skew of bones of the pelvis, have dystrophy of the left ventricle of the heart, the right ovary in girls, the right prostate gland in boys and other problems. After the child gets used to standing in a vertical position and standing on their legs in which there a capsule, due to the skew of the back to one side, the backbone is bent, and scoliosis, kyphos, lordosis, and skew of the bones of the pelvis are caused.

From this capsule during bathing in water there is a spasm in the ends and then there is a sudden paralysis of the whole body which, as a rule, ends in drowning regardless of ability to swim. After manipulation drowning is impossible. From the capsule everything is absolute, people are warped by scoliosis, have kyphos and osteochondrosis. Therefore, everyone will absolutely be sick, and live only 1/10th a part of life.

Without removing this capsule, doing anything to change this is impossible! Its elimination is panacea! Medicine, more exactly, Aesculapius, panacea and hygiene are absolutely different forms of action, but all of them have one purpose - providing the guaranteed health of people. There should not be antagonism between them. This capsule is the reason of nagging pain in the leg from starvation of nervous cells, that doctors name "radiculitis," an inflammation which never happens there. This fact testifies to it, that the level of leukocytes and erytrocytes therein remain normal: there is no increase.

Besides that, the claim of doctors, that in the ends there is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, contradicts the logic of things. The nervous system of body is one whole. Therefore, if there is an inflammation of a nerve in one part, it would be in the whole body, and not just the ends.  It does not happen there ever. The pain in the ends arises only from starvation of nervous cells due to the inadequate nourishment from the spinal liquid. There is an example. Doctors have stated that osteoporosis and troxanteritis arise due to shortage of calcium in the organism and prescribe it in greater dozes. This is absolutely illiterate. If there was no calcium in the organism all the bones of the skeleton would have undergone destruction by osteoporosis. Really just one side of one hip suffers deterioration of the bones, i.e. osteoporosis, and the other side of the hip is absolutely healthy. There other reason. There is some logic in this.

Scoliosis, kyphosis and an osteochondrosis are not diseases. This is a condition of the backbone, it cannot be treated. After the elimination of the reason of their occurrence these conditions disappear, like camel humps by the spring time. Until the age of 15 years in children, scoliosis and kyphosis, after manipulation in one hour, disappear in front of the eyes. It causes shock in parents! Scoliosis is a terrible thing! It causes mastalgia and breast cancer and all cardiovascular diseases, dystrophy and atrophy of the left ventricle muscle of the heart. Then it becomes the reason for ischemia, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks and death from cardiovascular insufficiency. This is due to a spasm of the left ventricle of the heart, which controls the function of the breath, which loses control and the person dies from hypoxia, the inability to breathe. In the inquiry on the cause of death they will write down, "Death has come due to cardiovascular insufficiency.”

Scoliosis leads to the clamping of the right lung, which is why blood has insufficient oxygen and brain function is lost to accumulation of the information and insufficient oxidation of lactic acid. Because of this, children later lose interest in studies, and when they are adults, become alcoholics. The reason of it is only scoliosis. It is the principal cause of asthma, allergies, diabetics, cancer, tuberculosis of the lungs, meningitis and many others. No orthopedic surgeon in the world knows the reason of a scoliosis, therefore everyone is twisted and humpbacked.

The average age of men in Ukraine is 57 years, in the Russian Federation 52 years, and it is possible to live for far over 100 years, without being ill and without growing old. Only from the program to "be sick" are there all infectious and non infectious diseases. The healthy cell does not react to anything, - neither to ecology, nor to food, neither to water, nor to alcohol or smoking. An overdose of these is a cause of death. Smoking leads to impotence, but this is a condition, not an illness.

Each organ and part of the body of the person initially has 7 levels of durability. When 5 levels have gone, nobody knows anything. At this moment the person is not yet sick, but not really healthy. Only when the 6th level of durability at last leaves, the 7th level calls for help. It in pain shouts to you, - "Go to the doctor, I cannot cope with the performance of my function, I am feeling bad, help me!”  That is the program to "be ill."  It is like the spoon of tar in the honey, eventually the honey is ruined.

You have come to the doctor, and he does not know the reason, and should not remove it, but should "treat" it. The doctor sometimes finds what organ is appealing for help, gives anesthesia and doping medicine so that the seventh level worked for itself and for the other six which are not present. The doctor does not restore the six decreased levels of durability, he didn’t learn how. This is very bad!

In the medical theory and practice there is no information on this capsule therefore there is no knowledge and no technique: "No Elimination of the original cause of disease by technique of the goddess of Panacea.” Therefore, an organ, having worked for some time, completely degrades and comes to absolute worthlessness and can be the cause of death or should be removed. It cannot function for long. It is no difference that the engine is working on a pump. Therefore after the initiation of treatment, the doctor thinks, "When will I send the patient to the surgeon for the removal of the organ I am treating.”

Nobody understands the concept "Panacea" and doctors in general only deride it, without thinking, "what is it actually?”  I consider that it is necessary to be treated only at the doctor, but with panacea. It is absolutely necessary for the medicine of all civilization to urgently reform in this direction. Other measures will not result in any good.

Right now only "the doctor” should define accurately what organ appeals about for help, and only "they” should define which the anesthetic to use. Only "the doctor” should define what doping medicine to prescribe to the patient. Only "the doctor” should determine the moment when it is already time to send the patient to the surgeon to delete this organ so that it does not become the reason of premature death. The omission of this moment will end with either a quick or long painful lethal outcome.


All doctors aspire to distinguish the disease earlier. There is a question: for what, so that the person can start treatment not in 40-50 years, but much earlier, so that it is possible to extort more money from the patient? Perhaps so that a person lived that much shorter? There is some sense that if for this reason, on doctor's advice, there is an application of the Panacea technique so that the six levels of the sick organ could be restored and the whole organism could become absolutely healthy. Already current medicine cannot ignore panacea. To "treat" patients, without having removed the reason of disease, it is indecent, it is too primitive.  This must be solved at the state level.

In the future all will begin to see clearly and will start this Program in their life. When Anlantians and gods lived on the earth more 5 thousand years ago, this program was a usual service, the manipulation of the midwife was carried out perfectly. They removed this capsule at the moment of a birth of the child.   Without having medical education Atlantians and gods were very powerful and lived hundreds years. Nobody challenges the ages from people in the Bible. 

Just like then, it is now necessary, from the moment of birth, to remove the capsule in the hip of the child.  Also it is necessary for childbirth to occur only on all fours, never lying on the back. Childbirth on the back leads Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or to death of the stretched child. Because of this it is necessary to recognize medical theory as imperfect. This theory, in practice has already proved incorrect for a long time.

Everyone, after manipulation, should think of friends in 150 years. You will live very long, and will be nobody with whom to talk.

In the presence of a set of state programs struggling against tuberculosis, cancer disease, disease of the heart and vessels, there is, at every update, an ascertaining of the fact that there is a considerable growth of quantity of such patients in every one thousand of the population. Not one of the statesmen, our servants, have produced the question - "And why is this so?” Why is there such a disease growth? It is all very simple: A capsule, plus not observing fasts, and crash!

Everyone is sick, all! All the doctors are sick. All the politicians are sick; their wives, husbands, parents, children and grandsons are sick. And everyone is reconciled with this. Nobody knows this Truth, many do not want to know it!

Not any Minister of Health of Ukraine has understood this information.  They accept a life with constant treatment and early exit to Heaven. Idiocy anyone?!!! Think! It is time! In relation to this information many will have such an opinion: "It is not necessary to me, I am not sick any where.” Don’t be under such a delusion! It is necessary to say, "Is not sick yet!”  Without having removed the program to "be sick", everyone is healthy only for a while! When will the 6th level of durability leave, nobody knows, but it will definitely leave! Nobody lives more than 1/10 part of their life. In hospitals there are masses of people who yesterday were absolutely healthy people. They are the same, as well as many now, who thought that they do not need to remove the reason of disease; many did not know about this possibility.

Still I have come to explain to you how to understand the expression, "There is no escaping fate," it is the truth. "From the destiny put forth by darkness, you will not escape." It must be lived. But with it is the end of life. There is other destiny, from the Creator. Without having removed one, the other cannot be. The first is with rage, illnesses, sufferings and early death.  The other, on the contrary is with gladness, satisfaction, pleasure and long life. Now it is already known to you. You have an option - think! Try to apprehend and take advantage of, given to you through me, the gift of God.


The author of the recording of the given information is, at the moment, having an intensive creative exchange at subconscious level with the galactic reason, capable of seeing the clamped nervous fibres, the condition of the internal organs, able to remove from the astral body mental power blocks with negative programs, (evil eye, damage, sorcery) He owns, by right of succession, a technique of the touch of the goddess of the Panacea, not reacting to a household current 220 volt, indigo. This discovery is protected by the Certificate on copyright Рукаса Г.И. ПА 4978 from 20.11.2001.

Admit that I know and I can do slightly more than others. To everyone - their own! A note: Having learnt about this, you cannot ever forget it! When you will be ill, remember, but only then can already be very much too late. Live correctly, do not break the Life Laws on the Earth and you will have the right to health and the right of Heavens to admission to me, or to one such as I, on reception. It is possible to be very rich and to have it all! But! Without a thing that is thought up and created by mankind, it is possible to manage easy - without health it is impossible to live at all! The perfect form of slavery is illness! From it only a timely repayment is possible. Love yourself! Hasten! Escape! You do not have any other choice!

Gr. Willows. Рукас. Poltava, The First of May Avenue 18,

ph. 8-050-144-03-65.




house phone. 8-0532-572370

PrivBank 4581 2222 7928 2338

12.03.1999 - 12.12.2008.


The author and the executor, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences: Grigory Rukas.


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