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New Knowledge about the Reason of all Diseases.

New Knowledge about the Reason of all Diseases.

There is only one truth. Panacea eliminates the root cause of all diseases.

"Whatever life teaches us, our heart believes in miracles”

                                                                   Fyodor Tyutchev, Russian poet.



This is new science, new knowledge and new practice. The future of civilization depends on it. Ignorant people don’t care. It is not yet popular to be healthy and to live hundreds of years. Everybody gets sick and dies young.

The good news is that health can be bought! A disease is a perfect form of slavery and freedom from slavery can be bought. Healers and doctors are not interested in giving people health. Medical Academies of both Ukraine and Russia did not show any interest in this information, although after this manipulation all people and especially the young ones become completely healthy – without scoliosis, kiphosis and osteochondrosis.

To have health is more important than a car, a fridge and other possessions. Only after acquiring health, one can start to treasure it.

It is important to understand that doctors and healers have nothing to do with providing health to people. All they do is try and "repair” a sick body. For example, such kind of prophylactics as inoculations in the future will be unnecessary after Panacea  treatment is performed on new-born babies.

On 12.03. 1999 at 01.53 I received  certain information in my sleep. It was the information about the root cause of all diseases  and a clear command: "Sit down and write!” This information was being given  and recorded until  12 o’clock in the afternoon. It was  announced that in every human there is an inbuilt programme "Get ill and die”, which limits people’s lives to its one tenth. If this programme is removed, it will be possible to live without diseases for hundreds of years.It looks like a capsule of twisted  and curled into a little ball nerve fibres of the sciatic nerve situated in the left hip of every person on Earth. The role of this capsule is not only distorting the symmetry and harmony of  a human body, but also in controlling the psychological condition of a person. All negative emotions, acts and crimes are commited through this capsule  on a command from Above. It acts as an antenna. Therefore everyone should wish to remove it  as a root cause of all evil as soon as possible. After removing of this capsule, the mental and physical harmony of your body will be restored and the ageing process will slow down. The pain in the back and the joints will disappear, such diseases as cancer, heart attack and stroke will not concern you. By the way cancer appears during division of starving cells. In the process of division of a weakened cell from a mutation gene becomes prominent in the double DNA spiral and gives birth to a new form of life.This is cancer. Breast cancer appears because  of the scoliosis of the right breast and kyphosis of the left one. The reason of diseases lies not in the ecology, alcohol or food, but in this capsule alone.

There are no hereditary diseases, but often the children have the same diseases as their parents because of inheriting their shape of the body.

If the cause is eliminated there will be no inherited diseases.

Traditional medicine can only remove a sick organ or give a death certificate to the relatives. We have got used to it.

The essence of Panaceya is straitening the nervous fibres of the Sciatic nerve after which all the spine diseases (skoliosis, kyphosis, osteochondrosis disappear. The same applies to the hump on the neck. The left leg becomes longer. When osteochondrosis is gone, the spinal disks will become springs again, vertebras will expand, nerves coming out of the spine will get free from pressure.  The cells of all inner organs will get adequate "feeding” and they will recover.

This information must be carefully examined and developed  by the leading state clinics and research institutes.It is pointless to treat a patient without eliminating the reason of his ailments. Because of one little area the whole body gets sick and dies. Isn’t it food for thought?

Sceptics, don’t hurry to reject me! There was time when the Earth "did not rotate”. Humankind is ashamed to remember the burnt Prophet Giordano Bruno. The same ignoramuses who burnt him, now are acknowledging Eskulapia and Hygiene and rejecting Panacea .  (See the ancient Greek legend) It is believed that Goddess Panacea could "Cure All” or was a cure for all illnesses. This nonsense is written in all the world dictionaries. However, in fact she did not cure anybody. She was a midwife and after she removed the source of all illnesses in newborn babies, after which people lived until 900 years old, as the Bible says. (This information is protected by copyright PA 4978 from 20.11.2001 of Ukraine in the name of Rukas G.)

Because of this capsule people have "pulling” pains in the left leg , because the nervous cells are starving, and spasms at night. The doctors often diagnose "inflammation of the sciatic nerve” which is never takes place in case of pulling pains. It is the reaction of the nervous cells of the sciatic nerve to not sufficient supply of spinal fluid because of the edema where the capsule bends.  After smoothing of the nervous fibres in the capsule, the pulling pain disappears.  Because of this capsule veryone has a shortened left leg, is humped with scoliosis and osteochondrosis. This is a straight road to death. On average in one day a person loses 15 days of his life and in one year he or she loses 15 years. Life expectancy for men in the Ukraine is 57 years and in Russia – only 52 years, while we can live much over 100 years without getting old and sick.

Because of this capsule, children get dystrophy of the left ventricle and the right ovary with the girls and the right part of the prostate with girls due to scoliosis and the distortion of the pelvic bones. After Panacea Treatment  these organs will be completely healthy.

The organs of every healthy newborn baby initially have seven levels of durability. With time they wear off. When the first five levels disappear, nobody notices it. But already a person is sick. When the sixth level goes, we feel pain.  The seventh level screams for help:”Go see a doctor, I am not coping!”(The 7 levels go faster if a person does heavy sports)

So when we are in pain, we go to the doctor, who does not know the cause of this pain and therefore cannot remove it. A doctor has "to cure” you. He finds the sick organ which is crying for help and gives you a painkiller and a doping medicine to make the last seventh level work for the missing six ones. A doctor does not restore the six missing levels of durability. Because of this, the organ which is now working in a forced regime will eventually wear out and will have to be removed. The main objective of the doctor is to offer a patient the best doping medicine and not to miss the moment when the sick organ has to be removed, otherwise he will have to give a death certificate to the relatives of the deceased.

Hopefully you will agree with me that it is impossible to treat a patient without removing the cause of his illness. Removal of organs is the confession by mainstream medicine of its helplessness and inability to secure health. As for transplantation, a transplanted organ will suffer from the same lack of nutrition which has killed the original organ due to osteochondrosis and will eventually die as well.  This is what happened with singer Raisa Kiritchenko in Poltava who had had a kidney transplant.

The theory and practice of medicine must be changed urgently. Changes must be introduced into the anatomy atlas to show the place of"Rukas Capsule” in the Sciatic nerve. Medical practices should be changed and the definition of "Panacea practices” should be introduced as removing the cause of all illnesses of a human being.

The Creator has an antidote to all poisons. Just try to understand it. And if you come to me, I’ll make it come true.

There is no greater happiness on Earth than to be healthy. For people under 32 years old there is full guarantee of self-restoration  of body organs and parts. For people over 32 – there is a chance to  restore health, but a very high one.Without my manipulation no one has a chance to get healthy. Trust me that I know and can do a little more than others. This work and many years of experience  bring positive result.

The author  of these  words can read the information field of the Earth, does not react to 220 voltage, is able to see the jammed nerve fibres, the state of inner organs, can remove negative programmes from the astral body, the master of Panacea touch. Gregory Rucas from Poltava, +380501440365, +380532651006. rucasplt@mail.ru  www.rukas.at.ua. In Moscow 89165352311


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